4Wheel Recipes

Ice Cream Pie

At one point in my academic life we had a class potluck every 10 weeks. I was not about that “do the most and show off” life. I just wasn’t. But I wanted to bring something tasty yet easy to make. Enter: Ice Cream Pie. My old roommate named it Ice Cream Pie because, after … Continue reading Ice Cream Pie

Seasoned Rice

I mean really, how hard is it to make rice? You boil some rice in water and *poof!* rice. Arroz. Riso. Right? Ha! First of all, You have to remember that I was a grown woman before I learned to make rice that didn’t come in a boil bag or a microwave pouch. Eventually, I … Continue reading Seasoned Rice

Mais Moulin

The first time I ever made Mais Moulin was in 2013. This was also the first time I’d made oxtails.  I heard about Mais Moulin when I started dating my now husband.  I absolutely love hot cereals like grits, oatmeal, or Cream of Wheat. Him? Not so much. He told me the only hot “cereal” … Continue reading Mais Moulin

Braised Oxtails

Can I just say how much I LOVE oxtails? I didn’t eat it much growing up and when I did, it was made with some kind of gravy.  My grandmother would set it in the oven before church and let it slow cook until we came home.  She’d always make it with string beans for … Continue reading Braised Oxtails